Happy 1st Year Birthday to Us!!

Here is our favorite little birthday greeting CJ Shiloh likes to post on her friend’s facebook walls for their birthdays.
So fun! Feels like an instant party!!  (Go ahead, the video’s on 29 seconds, and it will make you smile.)

If you don’t know the story behind the song, you really should!  Every American should!

Stevie Wonder wrote the song to help Americans realize the importance of establishing a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Click HERE to read more.

That was back in the 80’s, and now, in the 2010’s, it is time for another civil rights movement = both same and different.

We are asking one simple thing, for our birthday.  Please use the word Autism ACCEPTANCE,  not AWARENESS, during the month of April.

You can find a thorough explanation on the difference in this rhetoric by Lydia Brown, at Autistic Hoya.

Autistic behaviors are still very socially different from what we are used to in our society, but that doesn’t mean that stuff like rocking and hand-flapping is wrong.  And as prevalence increases, we hope you will remember us saying that.  Yes it is a disability, but not a “disorder,” not something that can be “extracted” from a person like a disease.

If you’d like to learn more about what others are doing this month to promote Autism ACCEPTANCE, a great place to start is Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism.

And thank you everyone for all of our birthday wishes on our FB wall!

People that celebrate Neurodiversity come from all different walks of life and religious beliefs. Here at The Musical Autist we are happy and blessed to also be celebrating Palm Sunday today!


  1. James McDermott says

    This is definitely a Birthday worth celebrating! :)

    Happy Birthday to “The Musical Autist!”

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