Sensory Friendly Concerts in MD and NJ!

MD 10-5

Tomorrow night, Sept. 20th in Nutley, NJ, Tempo Arts Foundation is having a Sensory Friendly Concert at St. Paul's UCC. --> Check out more info here on their website! <-- We are also very pleased to [finally!!] announce our next SFC in Maryland! It will be in a new location: Anne Arundel Community College!! Sunday, October 5th, at 4pm.  We have jazz vocalist and self-advocate extraordinaire, CHOU CHOU … [Read more...]

Huge News after Long Time No See


Hello readers, this is CJ, Director of The Musical Autist.   Have you noticed that our last blog post was back in April?  Are you thinking - where have we been? What's going on are we still doing Sensory Friendly Concerts? The answer is YES.  But we've been silent here on the blog for long enough that I feel I owe an explanation. Three major unexpected things have been happening this year, which prompted me … [Read more...]

Maryland Sensory Friendly Concert Announcement!

MD 4-14

Here's the news our Maryland fans have been waiting for.... our next SFC will be April 12th and we've got the Rob Levit Trio performing! Rob is the Director of a local nonprofit, Creating Communities, and we are extremely fortunate and honored to be the recipient of a grant from this organization, which has been enabling us to bring Sensory Friendly Concerts to the Baltimore/Annapolis area since 2011!  If it … [Read more...]

Self Advocates Speak!

Feb 15th

THIS EVENT IS HAPPENING TONIGHT! For those of you in Maryland, it has stopped snowing and roads are fine - see you there! We are pleased to announce a very special conversation with Wolf Dunaway (of PBS’s Neurotypical  documentary - and out of respect for our friend, Paula Durbin Westby, also please read what she has to say on being featured in this film) and Sunny Cefaratti (renowned Musical … [Read more...]

This is Autism


We are honored to be a part of the This is Autism Flashblog, in response to what Autism Speaks was telling the world last week. If you are not aware of these current state of affairs, we ask you to please read John Elder Robison's resignation letter, and these letters by Autism Society and The ARC, in response to Suzanne Wright's blog post. So we'd like to point out two super cool things about autism right … [Read more...]

A Shiny New Musical Autist!


Boom!! How about our new logo and fresh coat of paint on our website?? Yeah we're pretty psyched. :) We wanna give a big shout out to our friend Ben, at Brand Army.  Ben's a logo design genius. Look again at our new logo above. Yep, it looks like a Kokopelli (a Native American symbol for music), but look again, and you'll see a FLAPPING HAND! Look in the "negative space" and you'll see a taupe-colored thumb … [Read more...]