A Challenge to you, Music Therapist

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**Please note: I write this specifically to music therapists, because I *am* a music therapist (MT-BC). However, I believe the ideas in this post are valuable to anyone - professionals, parents, self-advocates, lay-persons alike.** Some autism related topics have been coming up a lot lately in our MT forums. I thought I'd take the time to address several crucial topics in one blog post, and will be sharing … [Read more...]

SFCs come to Wisconsin!!

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We are very pleased to announce this newest location for Sensory Friendly Concerts!!  If you're located in the Madison area, be sure to check out this new offering to the community at Rhapsody Arts Center. We're thrilled to have on our team yet another Board Certified Music Therapist, Christine Hardin, who recently took our training to become a Sensory Friendly Concert Facilitator. Also be sure to read this … [Read more...]

Advocating for Music Therapy #MTAdvocacy

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We've been advocating for music therapy since the day we launched this blog, April 1st, 2011. And CJ's been part of the Social Media Advocacy Project (#MTAdvocacy) every January since it started in 2012. Want to read more about what music therapy advocacy is all about? You can read her posts here (2012) here, here and here (2013) and here (2014). You can read her #MTAdvocacy post for this year, on the new … [Read more...]

How I feel about asking for your money

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Sunny and I posted this video for Giving Tuesday a few weeks ago, and since then we've been pretty quiet about asking for tax-deductible donations, despite the fact that we finally got our 501c3 back in July and should probably be asking away. As Director of The Musical Autist, I'm just not sure I want to be *that* kind of nonprofit that is constantly begging for money. I don't know about you, but my inbox and … [Read more...]

#AMTA14 Digital Handout


Many thanks to our colleagues who attended our presentation at American Music Therapy Association national conference. We were glad to be in the main ballroom area to accommodate such a large crowd, though certainly found it a challenge to be in a room directly next door to the Arthur Hall drum circle!! Nonetheless, we believe the session was profitable to many and our mission was accomplished - to raise … [Read more...]